Romain Giraud

I am a creator,an entrepreneur,an optimist,a dreamer and I love to invent,to learn,to travel.

I'm a young french engineer, based in Marseille, France. I love innovative projects with a clean design. I'm currently working on different missions. However you can still contact me :)


  • Adventurious & Adaptive

    Integrate a team and contribute to company.

  • Motivated & Curious

    Love to try new technologies and use them in different projects.

  • Dynamic & Meticulous

    Use agile methodology to manage projects and stay well-organised.


  • boardgames

    7 wonders, Monbasa, Hanabi...

  • development

    small projects, when I want to try new technology or learn something new

  • mountain bike

    in Calanques

  • music

    clarinet, harmonica, guitar

  • reading

    travel, SF, adventure...

  • rock-climbing

    bouldering and trad climbing

  • running

    every days, Marseille-Cassis in 2016

  • travelling

    central europe, Ireland

  • trekking

    between few days and one week with a tent and some foods :)