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Hello, my name is

Romain Giraud

I'm a french software engineer. I love working on innovative products that combine my passions.

about me

I love science and technology : astronomy, physic, electronic... I am always willing to improve my knowledge and enhance my abilities.

Currently, my main focus is embedded software development. I am looking to build resilient and minimalist systems architecture.
And I am really attached to the KISS principle.

organization stack

skills & strengths

I have more than 10 years of experience, and I have worked in diverse fields, from video game firm to optronic R&D company.

  • programming language

    C / modern C++


  • scripting


    Python / Ruby / Go

  • linux

    kernel / embedded

    build system

  • tools / CI

    git / valgrind / gdb

    gerrit / Jenkins / Docker

  • database

    SQL / NoSQL / Redis

  • framework

    Qt / OpenGL 3+

    Unity / Kinect

    STL / gstreamer

  • methodology

    SCRUM / Kanban


  • architecture


  • collaborative





  • sports

  • reading

  • music

  • boardgames

  • travel

Let's get in touch

Feel free to contact me!

I am currently living in Marseille, France.

And I am looking for new opportunities.

Here my curriculum vitae and in french too.