Xephyr - a nested X server

November 2, 2017 · 1 minute to read · linux, wm

Time to time, I like to watch /r/unixporn/. Finally I decided to give a try to a new window manager. I want to build a beautiful and powerful workspace for my everyday work. But before choose the right window manager, I will have to try some of them.

I do not want to restart my X server every time I made a change. I discovered Xephyr, an application that runs a nexted X server. So I can make change to config files or even run another WM, and just restart the executable.

Xephyr as the same option of a X server, and a few more for itself.


Following commands will open a window of 1280x720 pixels on display :80 and then create a xterm window in i3 manager.

Xephyr -screen 1280x720 :80 &
export DISPLAY=:80.0

Of course, you can close and kill applications, like in any X environment. It is pretty simple, and I encourage you to use it when you want to try new WM. Now, I am not afraid anymore to break my work machine!